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Blackjack Surrender Table Games (BGaming)

Blackjack Surrender Table Games  (BGaming)

Blackjack Surrender Table Games (BGaming)

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Blackjack Surrender permits to play it safe on most occasions: whether you have been dealt a tricky hand or are simply unsure of the outcome, you can still gain back half of the initial bet, leaving the other half to the House. In other words, the rules allow the player to forfeit their hand early on, while still retaining a part of the bet. This opens the door for new betting strategies and a different approach to the game on the whole.Much to the enjoyment of returning players the Split and Double features are available. Not straying far from tradition, the dealer receives one card face up, the other face down. A player can face the house with up to 3 hands. Expect a regular game to payout 1 to 1, while a Blackjack combinations pays 3 to 2. Whether you are honing your skills for the bigger game or are new to blackjack in general, this one is a must to try!

BGaming is an award-winning software provider in the iGaming industry, and its Blackjack Surrender slots game is an excellent example of their high-quality products. The game offers an array of features and great graphics which makes it attractive for players. The game also provides an interesting variation on traditional blackjack rules. Additionally, BGaming's high security standards and random number generator generate fair results ensuring players are always treated fairly. The provider also includes state-of-the-art safety features that provide a secure gameplay experience. Finally, Blackjack Surrender also offers some of the best payout rates on wins and can be enjoyed anywhere with an internet connection, making it a great choice for players.



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