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    Blackjack 3 Hand Game (HABANERO) table (HABANERO)

    Blackjack 3 Hand Game (HABANERO) table (HABANERO)

    4/5 (235)
    Everyone loves a good game of blackjack, as it’s always exciting when you take a stand with 21 and win it all. This game rival’s casino slots in popularity and rightfully so. It’s a ton of fun, as you can enjoy a game where you battle against the house to win, instead of going against other players or spinning a selection reels.

    Viewing this brand-new game from all angles, how does Blackjack 3 Hand stack against the competition? Keep reading to find out!

    Blackjack 3 Hand is considered to be a video blackjack game and as such there are no reels to depend on. Instead, you will be playing based off cards instead.

    You will be sitting at a lush green table while you are dealt five hands. Each hand is made up of two cards, while the digital dealer has its own two cards. One card will be kept face up, while the other will be face down. You will know the total of your two cards, as there is a number displayed to the left of it. You can see an option to have another bet placed under each hand as you can see it below the cards.

    Overall, Blackjack 3 Hand is very simple to understand and the interface supports the type of fast paced blackjack action that most players will be accustomed too.
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    Blackjack 3 Hand Game (HABANERO) table (HABANERO)

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