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    Three Card Poker Game (HABANERO) table (HABANERO)

    Three Card Poker Game (HABANERO) table (HABANERO)

    5/5 (336)
    When you consider that other casino table games, such as roulette and blackjack have been around for hundreds of years, Three Card Poker is a relatively new game. It was created by British gambler, Derek Webb in 1994 and patented in 1997. Webb’s aim was to create a game with easy to understand rules, attractive payouts for players and a house edge that would appeal to casino operators. The game is played with a standard 52-card deck, which is shuffled after every round, and you play against the dealer. Below, we will get to grips with all the Three Card Poker rules.

    There are two basic ways you can play the game. Ante-Play is played against the dealer, with the aim being to beat the dealer’s hand. The other is Pair Plus. This allows players to bet on whether their hand will contain a pair, or a higher-ranking combination. Some variants allow you to play either or both of these options, whereas some versions only allow you to place a Pairs Plus wager in addition to the Ante-Play. There are also variants of Three Card Poker that feature additional side bets.

    If you are a poker lover, try out Three Card Poker and you will definitely like it.
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    Three Card Poker Game (HABANERO) table (HABANERO)

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