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    Bonus Poker 5 Hand Game (HABANERO) video-poker (HABANERO)

    Bonus Poker 5 Hand Game (HABANERO) video-poker (HABANERO)

    5/5 (546)
    Bonus Poker 5 hand is one of the most profitable video poker games, with barely any casino edge to speak of. This was not enough for Habanero, so they decided to make things even more fun by letting you play 5 hands of Bonus Poker at the same time, turning the game into a true festival of fun and low variance gambling.

    As always, Bonus Poker awards special payouts for four of a kind hands, which adds up over time and makes playing this game quite lucrative. The only thing possibly missing to make this game even more fun would be a joker card, but even without one, Bonus Poker by Habanero is a super thrilling game.

    As usual, the Habanero designers did a great job of turning a simple game into a great looking one by adding their recognizable colorful layout and plenty of great little details that make the cards and all other elements of the game stand out and keep you engaged. Try out the Bonus Poker 5 hand and also don’t forget to try out the other amazing games from Habanero.
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    Bonus Poker 5 Hand Game (HABANERO) video-poker (HABANERO)

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