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    Atlantic City Blackjack Gold table (Microgaming) table (Microgaming)

    Atlantic City Blackjack Gold table (Microgaming) table (Microgaming)

    5/5 (829)
    An Atlantic City Blackjack Gold Series game is yet another great offering that has been designed and developed by Microgaming. The game features very vivid graphics, speed that is adjustable, flexible sound controls and a selection of game options, producing a pleasurable and genuine atmosphere for gaming.

    How to Play Atlantic City Blackjack Gold Series

    The game is played with eight decks of 52 playing cards which are shuffled after each round of play. This is what insures a "random" shuffle on each hand.

    The object of the game is to beat the dealer by either by obtaining a total of 21 or less that is higher than the dealer's total, or by staying under a total of 21 while the dealer exceeds the total of 21 (known as a "bust"). The dealer takes a hole card, and when he has an Ace or ten-value card (10, J, Q, K) showing, checks under that hole card for a "blackjack" (a two-card 21), which will automatically beat the player unless the player himself has a two-card 21 (also known as a "natural").

    Along the way the player has the option of splitting pairs or doubling on any two cards that are dealt him. There is also the option of insurance, which can be purchased when the dealer has an Ace showing, and which pays off at 2-to-1. And late surrender is featured, allowing the player to save half the bet on occasions where his/her hand is especially weak and a likely loser.

    Your feedback about Microgaming`s Atlantic City Blackjack Gold Series would help us making VIP Stakes more interesting and useful for our customers, so please rate this game. Your opinion is very valuable to us!
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    Atlantic City Blackjack Gold table (Microgaming) table (Microgaming)

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