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    Joker Vegas 4 Up Poker (iSoftBet) video-poker (iSoftBet)

    Joker Vegas 4 Up Poker (iSoftBet) video-poker (iSoftBet)

    4/5 (326)
    Climb the ladder and see how much you could win on this variation of Joker Poker with a multiplier twist! To play Joker Vegas 4 Up poker game you will need to stake all four possible hands, even though you may only get to play one of them, or two, or three. The good news is that after winning the first hand, the next hand will payout 2x the stated paytable award. If you win that hand the next hand pays out 4x and if you win that you'll get a chance to win the 4th level at 8x. With the top hand paying 3000 coins it will now pay 24,000.00 if you get a Natural Royal Flush at the top level. 

    Moreover, there are random Free Ride rewards. Free Ride spots may pop up randomly whenever you begin a game. When you see a Free Ride space, you will automatically win that hand and move on the next level, regardless of what cards have been drawn.

    Vegas Joker 4Up poker also have a bonus game. After every winning game, you will be asked if you want to collect your winnings or gamble them to double your rewards. Five cards are dealt with the first one face up. You must choose one of the cards that will be higher than the card shown. Winning will double your payout while losing will take all of it away. You can double your winnings up to five times using one gamble, but once you lose, it all goes away.

    Your feedback about iSoftBet`s Joker Vegas 4 Up game would help us making VIP Stakes more interesting and useful for our customers, so please rate this game. Your opinion is very valuable to us!
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    Joker Vegas 4 Up Poker (iSoftBet) video-poker (iSoftBet)

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