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    Cute Monsters Slot (BetConstruct) slot (BetConstruct)

    Cute Monsters Slot (BetConstruct) slot (BetConstruct)

    4/5 (494)
    Don’t be afraid of these creatures! They may look creepy at first sign, but they are nice and lovely inside, and they all live in the BetConstact’s Cute Monsters slot. This spooky and fun slot contains a wealth of great features, like – free spins, instant play, autoplay, video slots, Wild Symbols, Scatter symbols, Gamble features and mobile gambling.

    Cuddle up with these fluffy monsters, and the red-eyed rabbit and blue-eyes Scatter rabbit will guide you to your wins! This game contains 5 reels and 5 paylines, and besides the fluffy monsters there are a lot of different symbols like clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades. It is a lot of fun to play this game and win amazing bonuses.

    Follow the fluffy creatures in Cute Monsters and get your deserved wins! Press your luck even further with the gamble feature, if you dare! After playing this game, explore more of our casino games and share your experience on our Twitter account.
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    Cute Monsters Slot (BetConstruct) slot (BetConstruct)

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